Italian heart, mind, and hands – but it is the Gulf
we call our home.

AFKAR is an independent Italian firm based in the Gulf.
We specialise in creating original festive lighting, handcrafted decorations, and multimedia settings. We’ve been in this business from 1999 in Europe, and from 2013 in the Gulf region.

We are proud of our many experiences with shopping malls, hotels, leisure and culture hubs, as well as public venues. For each client we succeed in delivering fully tailored projects based on their needs and desires.

What makes us unique

AFKAR is the only rm that combines an insightful understanding of local culture with Italian taste and know-how.

Thanks to our management permanently based in the Gulf area, we have rst-hand knowledge of traditional habits, on the basis of which our creative sta operates.

For our projects we count on an all-Italian team of experts, starting with the Turin-based design team, to the production unit, to the skilled technicians who physically assemble the installations on site.

This enables us to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety in every stage of the project, leading to a well-polished installation and staging.

Conceived through local knowledge, designed and built by Italian experts. These are AFKAR’s projects.

We set the benchmark in the region for festive illumination and much more. We excel in:

For Shopping Malls, Hotels, Leisure and Culture Hubs, Public Realm.

As a major player in the marketplace, AFKAR has the technical resources and the organizational power to deliver projects of the highest quality with competitive prices — either to rent or buy.

Fully tailored, from sketch to storage: this is what marks the difference.

A custom-made method for a customer-oriented vision: to inspire visitors and earn their loyalty.


What makes us unique is that we don’t have a warehouse full of products to sell. AFKAR is an independent service provider, gathering the best materials from a network of trusted European suppliers.
Without a standard catalogue to promote, our entire production is custom designed to meet the desires and needs of every client, with a complete made-to-order approach.

Bringing fantasy to light

With in-house designers and craftsmen our imagination has no limits. We start from original drawings, then we develop renders and design, and nally come to the nal steps of handmade assembly of decorations.

Closely monitoring each step, we are able to check and customize all the elements of the nal design, with attention to detail and overall result.

Whatever you dream of

Through our creative and handcrafting skills we can conceive and deliver new concepts to inspire and amaze visitors.
AFKAR is the right partner for any occasion, from festive lighting  to fashion creations, from simple decorations to vast scenic designs, including collaborations with contemporary artists.

Delivering Italian quality throughout the production process.

AFKAR supervises the entire process with professional expertise.
We believe that only by monitoring all stages of the process we can offer our clients a consistent and valuable unique product.

No worries: all you need to do is press the switch.

Our projects are turn-key: we take care of all production and logistical aspects.

We combine imagination and technical requirements to meet clients’ expectations.